Advanced UV-C LED technology

Powerful, Portable, Dependable.

  • Wonder Wand™

    Introducing Wonder Wand, an advanced UV sterilizer to protect you against diseases and illnesses. Its versatile functionality and compact design allows you to bring a weapon against bacteria and germs where ever you go! Disinfect any contaminated surfaces with the power of UV.

  • Did you know that the average phone has 18x more bacteria than a public restroom? Anything we touch will come in contact with our phones. However, we wash our hands but never think about our phones. When we take a call or text, our hands are collecting those bacteria again and it's a never ending cycle. The Wonder Wand is able to disinfect bacteria that hide in your phone crevices where cleaning wipes can't reach.

  • Imagine how many people have touched the door handle before you. It's even worst if you're in a public setting. You don't know the person before you and what they've touched. Protect yourself against germs with the UV sterilizer and disinfect in seconds by waving it back and forth!

  • Do you trust public utensils? Since they're not from your own home you don't know what its been through to end up in your mouth. The problem is, cleaning wipes will leave chemical residue on your utensils. Our solution is to disinfect with UV-C LED technology which is chemical-free, Mercury-free, and ozone-free to ensure safety.

Be Anywhere. Sterilize Everywhere.

Wonder Wand co was born with a simple vision: Take the power of UV sterilization on the go! We've created a compact and portable sterilizer wand that allows you to disinfect any contaminated surfaces with a sterilization rate of up to 99.9% wherever you go!

Meet Wonder Wand

Inside the world's most portable UV sterilizer.

Wonder Wand - Wonder Wand co
  • Small but powerful.

    With a sterilization rate of up to 99.9%, this powerful wand is also small enough to fit in your pocket!

  • Durable and built to last.

    Made with high-quality FCC and CE approved materials, Wonder Wand can be used for more than 10,000+ hours during its lifetime!

  • Safe and easy to use.

    Wonder Wand is chemical-free, ozone-free, and mercury-free. Single-button operation makes it simple and easy to use!

  • Convenient and sleeky.

    Designed with a wrist strap and NO BATTERY NEEDED. USB-charging makes it convenient and ready to go within 2 hours!

Disinfect contaminated surfaces

Disinfect any contaminated surfaces before you come in contact with them in seconds! Simply wave the wand back and forth on packages, keys, door handles, cart handles, toys, and anything you can think of.

The complete destruction of microorganisms

See the power of UV-C LED technology under a microscope. The video demonstrates the power of our Wonder Wand UV sterilizer by showing its germicidal effects on microorganisms, which are naked to the human eyes.


Real people. Real results.

"My job requires me to be constantly exposed to contaminated surfaces. Coming face to face with sick patients, I also have to watch for my own health. Traditional UV lamps are very large and inconvenient. I love that Wonder Wand is portable and small enough to fit in my pocket while still being effective." 

"As medical practitioner, I work in a highly infectious environment, laden with all kinds of germs. When I go home, I am constantly worried about my family's safety and well-being. However, after using the Wonder Wand, I now have a sense of safety and peace of mind when I go home."

"This product is designed to work at 260-280 nm which is a perfect germicidal range as well as considered safe for humans. Experiments have also been done to visualize the effects of UV light inactivating viruses and killing germs making it safe and an inexpensive tool in resisting the air-borne diseases."

Utilized for many years in hospitals, the power of sterilization is now available in your hands. Unlike traditional UV mercury lamps which pose health hazards, Wonder Wand utilizes advanced UVC LED technology that is ozone-free, chemical-free, and mercury-free.

" I'll use it to scan my phone and it is so small and easy to use! What I love most about it is that it is USB-charged so it makes it very convenient. I also like that it has a portable container so I can easily carry it to the hospital with me"