UV-C LEDs vs Mercury Lamps

Traditionally, hospitals and medical facilities have been utilizing mercury lamps to create a powerful enough UV-C light to disinfect contaminated surfaces for years. However, these mercury lamps are usually large, expensive, and poses health hazards to humans. You've probably seen them on TV or somewhere else, but they are the large blue tubed machines that just look dangerous. 

According to doctors and medical experts, this method of disinfection requires a long time to disinfect and no one is allowed in the same rooms as the mercury lamp while it is on.

Unlike traditional mercury lamps, UV-C LEDs utilizes advanced LED chips engineered to produce a better and more effective alternative to mercury lamps. Since UV-C LED technology does not use mercury, the results are a more safe, and portable disinfection device.

Wonder Wand™ utilizes our 3rd generation LED chip that is able to produce an ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 260-280nm with its peak effectiveness at 265nm. With this technological advance, we are not able to provide the power of UV sterilization to the public and take with you any where you go!

Since UV-C LEDs don't use mercury to create the UV light, this method is chemical-free, ozone-free, and mercury-free. Besides its portability, the Wonder Wand™ is also very versatile. Traditional mercury lamps have a warm up/cool down time before it is effective. Not only that but mercury lamps also have a longer disinfection time than UV-C LEDs. Wonder Wand™ has the ability to be turned on/off instantly without a warm up or cool down time. Also, the disinfection time has been cut down significantly while still being effective.

In conclusion, we can conclude that mercury lamps are out of date and should not be used anymore for disinfection purposes. With our technological advances, UV-C LEDs should be utilized widely and replace mercury lamps. This is the future of UV disinfection technology.