"The bread test"

The bread test is an experiment anyone can do at home to test the effectiveness of UV under the right conditions. UV-C does not only kill bacteria and germs but it can also kill viruses and molds. In this experiment, we will use bread but it also works with anything that grow molds such as fruits. First, we touch the bread with dirty hands, clean hands, and dirty hands but cleaned with advanced UV-C LED technology. 

After a several days in the zip lock bag, we can clearly see that the bread touched by dirty hands grew the most mold, the second bread also grew mold despite the fact that it was touched by clean hands (bacteria and germs cannot be seen), and the last bread was touched by dirty hands but cleaned by UV. The last bread, although contaminated by dirty hands, did not grow any mold because the UV was able to kill all the bacteria on the bread which prevents it from growing mold.